Lukket ned!

Vi har fået en klage fra McDonalds om at vores proxy var ulovlig. Derfor har vi selvfølgelig valgt at lukke den med det samme!

Læs beskeden her:
Evidence of Abuse: Currently someone has a proxy up on your server, which reroutes the McDonald's app's requests to their own. Let me explain this further:

1) You download a certificate on your phone
2) You connect to the proxy on your server
3) You open the McDonald's application and login
4) All your McDonald's coupons (which you can get 1 of per day) are now replaced with custom mades ones

This basically allows you to create your own coupons and scam McDonald's.

This domain points to a server you are hosting. Check all incoming traffic on port 7777 and you will see it going to McDonald's server.
Comments: I am requesting this to be shut down, before McDonald's takes action. This is highly illegal and the creator is even taking money for it.